University of Wisconsin framed pennant “circa 1953”

University of Wisconsin framed pennant “circa 1953”


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University of Wisconsin framed pennant “circa 1953″ available in Black or Mahogany frame. Please specify with an email when ordering!

In 1950 America, things were much more simple than today. Television was just coming into its own and college football was probably the major sport outside of professional baseball. Only one game was broadcast east Saturday and the results of all the weekend games dominated the Sunday sports section of newspapers. Back then, kids liked to collect stamps, comic books, model cars & planes, and sports cards distributed by bubble gum companies.

The Hormel Company took a bold leap and decided to add to what kids could collect. In 1953 it contracted to have 5 million felt 4×9 inch pennants produced representing 95 universities and one “joke” pennant (which remains inexplicable today). It sent these pennants with its canned products to grocery stores around the nation. Paper college pennant strings hung from grocery store ceilings calling attention to the Hormel cans wrapped with these pennants held by a rubber band – honest! To boost sales, these pennants coupled with Hormel products were advertised in newspapers and in comic books.

Percentage wise, very few of these pennants remain today and have a cult following. At Americana Memories, we have collected many of these and have them attractively framed and available for sale for your enjoyment, rekindle old memories and brag about your school. They also make great gifts for friends & family!

University of Wisconsin pennant circa 1953” available in Black or Mahogany frame.

Please specify your preference with an email.

Pennant size 4 x 9 inches

Frame size 9 x 14 inches

Most colleges available! Please email with any questions.

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